1st Annual ITCM Conference

  Forty Christians representing twenty congregations from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia and the USA got together in St. Petersburg for the 1st Annual ITCM Conference. "Evangelism Today" was the topic of it. Real fellowship exists only with face-to-face communication. That's why the Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry (ITCM) decided to create an occasion for such fellowship and training by inviting students and graduates of ITCM, and also leaders of various congregations to St. Petersburg.
  While corresponding back and forth with the potential participants of the Conference we came up with the theme for it - Evangelism Today. Planning for the conference we decided that it should have two components - theoretical part and a practical one. The program represented a balanced combination of lectures and discussions. Professors Curt Niccum (Abilene, TX) and Paul Watson (Durham, NC), who are well remembered and loved by ITCM students, were invited to teach at the conference. All together there were 40 people representing 20 congregations from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia and the USA. Russia was represented by such cities as Voronezh, Votkinsk, Gatchina, Lomonosov, Miass, Moscow, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Tomsk and St. Petersburg; Belarus was presented by three congregations from Minsk; Ukraine by Ternopol, Kiev and Nikolaev, and Estonia by Tallinn and Tartu. With such broad representation we were able to form quite a complete picture of the state of the church in Russia and former Soviet nations.
We can say that the Conference created a great occasion for brotherly fellowship. Lectures helped students to learn new things and refresh the knowledge that we already had. Discussions gave birth to a great number of ideas about sharing the Good News. We all received spiritual encouragement, inspiration, excitement and motivation to bring the Gospel to the lost world.
  Participants, when leaving, were saying warm words about the Conference. Nikolai Vasjutin from Estonia said: "Thank you very much for well organized and helpful Conference! That is what all Church of Christ leaders in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia really need. I do hope that this conference will become a regular event."
These words summarize opinion of many participants. We do hope that the Conference will bring fruit in lives of local congregations. In the meantime we will continue to pray for the next ITCM Conference in August of 2012 in St. Petersburg.
  We thank all of you for being our partners in spreading the Gospel, for every prayer on our behalf.

Igor Egirev
ITCM's President

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Lecture # 1    [*.WMV 335 Mb] - Here Am I, Send Me! (Curt Niccum)

Lecture # 2    [*.WMV 343 Mb] - Who Am I? Send Me? (Curt Niccum)

Lecture # 3    [*.WMV 200 Mb] - Home churches: pros and contras - Alexander Bovsunovski (ITCM graduate)

Lecture # 4    [*.WMV 318 Mb] - Seeing God part 1(Curt Niccum)

Lecture # 5    [*.WMV 333 Mb] - Seeing God part 2(Curt Niccum)

Lecture # 6    [*.WMV 344 Mb] - Light to the Nations - Paul Watson

Lecture # 7    [*.WMV 369 Mb] - Understanding the Power of Sin part 1 (Curt Niccum)

Lecture # 8    [*.WMV 266 Mb] - Understanding the Power of Sin part 2 (Curt Niccum)

Lecture # 9    [*.WMV 285 Mb] - Modern Day Evangelism - Dmitri Gusarov (ITCM graduate)

Lecture # 10  [*.WMV 294 Mb] - Going Nowhere - part 1 (Curt Niccum)

Lecture # 11  [*.WMV 249 Mb] - Going Nowhere - part 2 (Curt Niccum)

Lecture # 12  [*.WMV 307 Mb] - Is it time for us to become missionaries in our own countries? - Igor Egirev.