The conference "Unity through Diversity of Spiritual Gifts" took place in the suburb of Repino, outside St. Petersburg, Russia from May 2nd to the 5th. In this Christian forum, discussions were held on the gifts of the Holy Spirit which have been granted to the brethren for the encouragement of the church and glory of God. Dino Roussos from Athens, Greece spoke about how a variety of spiritual gifts does not hinder unity, but rather encourages it. During small group studies topics ranged from family relationships (teachers Timur and Irina Rakhimov; Tomsk, Russia), to evangelizing different groups of people (Evgeniy Shevchenko and Viktor Shuka; Kiev, Ukraine), changing behavior by changing motivation (H.M. Motsinger; Dallas, TX) and types of spiritual gifts (Andrei Malets; Minsk, Belarus). Throughout the conference Konstantin Zhigulin (St. Petersburg, Russia) conducted a school of choral singing. Around 40 children were in attendance, and kids' classes for all ages were also conducted.

We are very thankful to those who helped prepare and conduct this meeting.
We have passed the baton to the Moscow congregation. Special thanks to them for hosting the conference next year and inviting everyone to their city.

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