fish Seminar for preachers. "Growing together".

Seminar for preachers in Vyatskie Polyany

About the Seminar

Vyatskie Polyany is a small town in Kirov region with population of 30,000 people. A congregation in that town hosted 10th Preachers’ Seminar.

Brothers from Eastern and Central parts of Russia attend this seminar: ministers from Komi republic, Altay region, Kirov region, Volga river area, Urals’ region. But some people travel a longer distance to be there: a brother from Moscow, two of us from St. Petersburg (Oleg Yakimenko and me), and we were especially glad to see two brothers from Ukraine (Konstantinovsk and Ternopol).

The seminar was only 3 days, October 21-23. There were about 25 brothers there. In the evenings church members joined us after working day and we had open Bible classes with a lot of singing and fellowship. Many of the seminar participants attended CRCR seminars and retreats in St. Petersburg. This time we could rest from any organization type of work and only teach classes and enjoy fellowship.

We are thankful to Gennadiy Pekarev (Vyatskie Polyany), Aleksey Pshenichnikov (Barnaul) and Gennadiy Scherbakov (Syktyvkar) for making this a great event. I invited every one there to Saint-Petersburg for CRCRussia August Annual Seminar.


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