About the seminar

ITCM Seminars for Church Leaders

In August 4-6 in St. Petersburg we gathered over 40 leaders from 15 congregations to study apologetics. Our guest speaker was Dr. Jim Baird of Oklahoma Christian University. Participants listened carefully, asked challenging questions, received brilliant answers, discussed prepared topics in small groups, shared results with each other, argued with each other (!), but the intentions were constructive – the strengthening of each other’s faith, helping our congregations to grow, praising the Lord. Thank you Jim and Yodie Baird for sharing your faith with us.

seminar aug 2016  


·       Faith, reason and evidence
·       God and Science
·       The arguments in favor of God
·       God and human suffering
·       In defense of the Resurrection of Christ.

НП "Центр Христианских Ресурсов" ОГРН 1047855119267 (поставлен на учет 20.03.2014)